Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cake or Eating?

I'm putting this one out to my collecting brethren. I was asked if I was able to purchase the Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker, with the condition of not buying any other geek related items for the rest of the year would I do it? That means for me, no more picking up random GI Joes, see a JLU Question hanging on the pegs, forget about it, What? You want that new EMCE Star Trek set, nope. How about the Dark Knight on DVD, nada. Expecting that new, big as life Millennium Falcon for Christmas, out of the question. How about a Happy Meal with a toy, a box of cereal with a prize, or that cool batman spinning lolly pop? No, no, and no! Sweet a ghost busters T-shirt, sorry. What, you were watching for that random holy grail on Ebay? You're not going to win that auction.

So what do you think, could you do it. Not for the Joker? Say for that one piece of your collection you thought you would never get because it's as much as your rent for a month or your car payment? Now I know the Joker here is not as much as those, but it is still a chunk of change, money well spent on other of life's necessities, but this is just a hypothetical question. I don't think I could do it and there is only a little over three months of the year left. I'm really looking for my Bat fans to chime in on this one, but everyone is welcome to chime in, there has to be one item that you could equate to this awesome piece of plastic, that you would be willing to give up your other interests for?

I'll leave this up for a few days before we return to the regular scheduled programming, so leave a comment or vote in the poll!

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Bubbashelby said...

Here's what I would think: "Since I can't find anything I'm looking for anyways (yes I'm looking At YOU Mattel!) then why the heck not!"

Here's what would happen: "I'm so glad I bought that very expensive whatnot...I'll just mosey into Target for some dishwwashing detergent and...WHA?!?!?!"

*sees aisles and aisles of DCUC, Movie Masters, Batman and JLU product past and present that's just clogging the pegs due to a slow boat from China finally making port. Oh yeah, and it's all on clearance too*