Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Flash

I don't care how bad these Toy Biz Super Heroes are, or bad for your eyes, I'm addicted to them I tells you! I will admit that the Flash here is one of my favorites next to the Toy Biz Batman from the '89 movie. I'm talking the chubly face one too. Anyway the Flash, he was released prior to the T.V. show of the same name, and then again with the "show" logo. I couldn't get enough of that show, and when they released the DVD set I was first in line!

If you follow along, like I know two of you do, the Flash is right up there with Batman in my book, matter of fact I usually ditch Robin and Bats teams up with Flash. Brave and the Bold baby, Brave and the Bold! This Flash has wind up action as did the second release for the show logo package. Later on a third release using the same mold, but having the wind up action removed, appeared this time sporting a nifty little platform that was supposed to simulate Flash tearing up the road.

So what happens when you wind him up, 3 seconds of arm moving action, not much in the leg department. He looks like he's going fast though! Runs about like I do, looks like I'm going fast (in my mind), but not really going anywhere.

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Jay Amabile said...

I'm sorry...I can't like these Toy Biz figs. THe Batman toy biz was an abortion! lol. The Flash you spotlight here is a little better but the wind up feature sucked so bad. The Kenner Flash was light years beyond this version and it was released years before!