Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cool Bat Candy!

Man we are on a Batman Movie kick here of late. These are from the 89' Batman and 92' Batman films. I usually do not keep all the little food packages and what not from movie promotions, I should, these are probably more collectable than actual toys. I could not find myself parting with these though, even after the candy was all gone. They are just that cool!

The Figure is from the first Batman film, it was one of the first times I saw a full figured candy container. The bottom had a little lid that you would snap on and off to get at the sweet little bat treats and the arms even move. How cool s that! The size is a whopping four to five inches.

Second is a little Batmobile form the Batman Returns film. Same M.O., remove bottom to get at candy. You can see I kept the sticker intake so I wouldn't loose the lid like the Batman figure container. I assure you the thing is empty. I remember my son and I used to pick this thing up every time we saw one, we must have had a fleet of candy container Batmobiles. This is just about the same size as the Ertl Batmobiles of an earlier post. Even the Deco is about the same. You could almost mistake it for an Ertl at a glance. The detail is really good and the wheels roll as well. What's better than a Superhero filled with candy, one that gives you a toy to play with when you are done!

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Jay Amabile said...

the version of the candy I had from '89 was just Batman's head/cowl...and I thought it was really nicely made. I held onto it for years also! I never ate the candy lol I just thought it looked cool.