Monday, September 15, 2008

Batman vs. the Joker

Since I have all the Batman die cast out for dusting and cleaning, here's a fun little figurine two pack released at the time of the 1989 Batman film. It included a little bonus collector card that had the cover of the Movie adptaion on it and of course our hero and the villain from the film.

This has to be the closest Jack Nicholson likeness on a toy from that time, at least that I remember. The Toy Biz figure sure didn't look like him. These solid little die cast figurines are about 2 and half inches height and compliment other DC Comics Superhero figurines that Ertl produced at the time. These other figurines where more in the style of their comic likenesses though.

I might need to touch up Jack's nose a bit, see what happens when you don't store your toys properly. I have one other Batman in the same pose which I belive came packaged with one of the Ertl Batmobiles. I thought these multi packs were really a sweet deal at the time.


rob! said...

Batman looks a little SURPRISED!

Jay Amabile said...

i used to have the entire collection of all the batman and DC die cast I think it's down to Joker, Batman, and Robin. I loved these. I think I was just impressed that they made them die-cast and they were nicely painted. It's hard to find good quality die-cast toys and figurines nowadays.