Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Death Star Gunner

I wish I had had a couple of these guys for my Death Star Playset back in the day. Hell I wish I still had my Death Star Playset that was hands down the best playset ever. I’m not saying that because I am a fan of the Star Wars, but because that set kept me busy for hours, rain or shine, inside or out, that was the set to have. Oh well another time, another time.

This guy, while not being the first of his kind to be made an action figure, is certainly one of the coolest versions to date. Part of the Hasbro 2006 Star Wars – the Saga Collection. The Death Star Gunner is pretty much a super articulated figure with some hyper detail. I think this is one of the few times I bought multiple figures of the same guy. That’s a sure sign I like a figure, if I get a pair for future plans. Like building my own Death Star, Buhawhaw! I think to date I have bought twin Death Star Gunners, AT-AT pilots (this one makes total sense), Stormtroopers, and Sandtroopers. I’m not talking multiples of the same character, that’s a given being a collector, I’m talking the same figure. I’m sort of a mini-army builder, LOL!

So, cool things about this figure. His chest armor can be removed, apparently they didn’t have chest armor in the first Star Wars (I’m talking A New Hope here) and they did in Return of the Jedi, Not that it mattered the Rebels still blew up the Death Star whether these guys had extra protection or not it didn’t help them much.


Bubbashelby said...

For some reason I really love the removable helmet figures. I somehow missed this one - he's very cool!

chunky B said...

Usually the helmet thing bugs me, but I don't mind it so much on this one, I sort of think it works for the figure.

They have reissued him in a different color scheme, calling him an Imperial Engineer, instead of the black suit he's gray, same figure though.

I've seen one in stores, the gray is more gray than the picture, I think it's supposed to be an EU character.