Monday, September 29, 2008

Sigma Six Adventure Team Snake Eyes

Since I recently got back into GI Joe I remember seeing these Adventure Team sets at retail, but passed because of the need for something else at the time. Then I was checking out Hasbro’s online store and this set was on sale cheap enough that with shipping it would be less expensive than what the sold it for at the store. So it was a done deal, plus I ordered another figure for my growing army of 3-¾ scale Joes, so it was two fer!

Well we’re going to go over the Adventure Team set today. Part of the 8” Sigma Six highly stylized line of GI Joes. Snake Eyes represents a crossing of two great lines, The Real American Hero and the Adventure Team. This is also a new take on the Kung Fu grip so I had to check it out. I have to say I am a little disappointed in the new version of Kung Fu grip. The vintage version had the grip on both hands and was a flexible rubber sort of feel; today’s is only on one hand and uses a spring. I was expecting a cool rubber hand, but I think I am really disappointed over the grip only being on one hand. What gives? He needs two Kun Fu grips baby!

What makes up for the lack of grip action is the accessories that come with this guy, he is equipped to take on the giant snake he comes packed with and possibly a small army of mummified soldiers. The coolest accessory has to be the zip line. I know it’s been done before, but this time the rope is long enough and the hook will hold. The craziest is the two flashlights, this wasn’t a packing mistake he came with two identical flashlights. I guess he could make nunchuks with them or something. Another “stand” out accessory is the base the jewel rest on. When triggered the swords will cross, and the jewel will sink into the base.

So what attracted me to this set? The whole adventure team storyline, being a fan of the Adventure Team record books, I totally bought into the whole theme of the set. This is the third in a set, the other two feature a Tiger and an Alligator, with more accessories and one arm Kung Fu Grip goodness. Overall I like the set, despite it’s Kung Fu flaws, it is a pretty cool little set, the figure is chunky and sturdy, great for small hands, and there are plenty of items to keep Snake Eyes here a going. Would I buy another Sigma Six, more than likely not. the line was discontinued over a year ago to make way for the 25th Anniversary figures. I would buy one for a kid, the figure could really stand up to being banged around. Oh and I almost forgot the ends of the package form a locker, a more up to date version of the old footlocker for the twelve inch Joes. Pretty much the whole Sigma Six line packaging can do this, but I’m not sure if they all had the Adventure Team Logo embossed on them.

Yo Joe!


Bubbashelby said...

These all looked great in the stores, and I too was tempted once or twice, but not being a huge Joe fan I was able to pass.

I love the jewel/sword/stand accessory!

Jay Amabile said...

yeah the jewel stand is awesome! i never saw these in the store believe it or not. This set looks awesome though. I love the artwork on the back of the box too.