Thursday, September 25, 2008

I bring you love...

I was going to call this post “It’s a Keeper” but my son’s comment when I unpacked this figure was “it looks like Mr. Burns from the episode when everyone thought he was an alien.”

I know that originally this was a made up character for the toy line, I believe it is supposed to be a cross between a Talosian and Balok’s puppet . Still funny as all get out though.

I think to date this one has to be one of my favorites from EMCE (originally a Mego release), see this guy sports a robe, that’s it, so all sorts of blue naked comedy ensues. Ah the Keeper is comedy gold. My only question, and I guess this would be to the original Mego guys, is why couldn’t he have some space boots or slippers or something? Slippers would be hilarious, hilarious I tells ya!

"not the face!"

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rob! said...

good catch, Chunky B Jr,--it does remind me of Burns now that you say it...