Friday, September 26, 2008

Scotty bringing the power!

EMCE hits another home run with me, this is one of my favorite characters from Star Trek: TOS. Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, this guy could fix anything. Scotty always reminded me of my dad in that respect, my dad can fix anything, and build anything out of nothing. My dad is the king of this, he always made it fun too, I think he was trying to teach me about different tools or something when I was little, but it was always building something I wanted, an R2-D2 cause I needed a droid or an Aircraft Carrier for my model airplanes. The man is a genius!

Scotty here is one of the Megos I never picked up when I was a kid, I wanted one, but he eluded me on several occasions. So being the EMCE collector that I am today, Scotty had to be beamed directly into the collection immediately. Everything is running smooth as can be now. Yep, he’s got it all ship shape and running like clock work.

See I made it a whole post without saying “I’m giving her all she’s got!” and “She’s not going to take much more!” Funny how a kid walking around the neighbor hood back in the day would be dismissed as being a Star Trek geek, today and you’re talking about something entirely different.

"What? I wasn't talking about the ship either!"

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