Monday, September 8, 2008

You Two-Face, little plastic...

Is this the first action figure of Two Face? I think it may be the first mass produced one. When I saw this figure on the shelves back in the nineties I thought it was one of the most wonderful sights in the toy aisle, the figure itself looks like dog crap, but the fact that they were making it was what was wonderful.

I actually do not hate the look of the figure that much it reminds me of a vintage action figure or a bootleg, something that should have come out before the Kenner Superpowers line, It didn't, but should have. Toy Biz figures still hold a certain charm to me, and for all the limitations that this bad guy suffers, it's still an odd figure to have staring back at you from the pegs.

True to form Two Face is split right down the middle. His left hand making a fist and his right holding a coin with a good side and a scared side. I thought it funny that they used what looks like a dime for his coin and I thought it odd that the wind up knob was located under his left arm. I figure it had to do with the inside engineering, but still kind of awkward. It's sort of funny and weird, you wind him up and he has "Coin Flipping Action!", just pray that thing lands on the good side. I used to keep him on my desk for the important decisions, wind him up and let fate decide.


Bubbashelby said...

I had him once too, and felt the same way about him as you when I saw him on the pegs.

I also thought it was hilarious that he was holding an accurately scaled dime! Talk about cost cutting techniques - The sculptor probably turned this guy in on a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend.

rob! said...

Two-Face is going to use his scarred dinner plate to decide your fate!

Jay Amabile said...

i remember how slow the coin used to turn. I wasn't a fan of the low budget look of toy biz but I was sure happy to see all the bat villains so I didn't really care if they looked shitty.