Thursday, November 6, 2008

Harley Quinn

I had this post ready to go, at least the pictures a month or so ago, then I go check out Toyriffic, and he beats me to the punch, which is fine cause Eric and I always say we are long lost brothers. On more than one occasion we both have spoke about, taken pictures off, or mentioned in comments similar toys.

The thing that always gets me when talking toys with others across the country is the availability issue (one reason the great JLU Club was formed). Now Eric has more than likely had his Harley Quinn for quite some time, while here in Texas they just pretty much hit the shelves. He was talking about getting Green Lantern, I'm still looking for Aquaman. Why can't these things hit all at once? Was it like this when we were kids? As a kid I assumed that Mr. Spock Mego was everywhere, I remember walking in stores and seeing the World's Greatest Super Heroes in the same displays at the Toy Warehouse, TG&Y, and the Dime's Store. Pretty much when I got into the toy industry I assumed when we shipped product that all the stores got them around the same time.

So my main question is, should we have release dates like DVD's? I say every Tuesday new toys get put on the shelves, I mean why is Tuesday for DVDs and CDs, why not give fans another reason to hit the stores on Tuesday? I could see it now, Monday would drag waiting for new toys! The Tuesday comes and Whammo! New stuff falls from the skies! They could even run sections in the sales ads, New Toy Tuesday!

You know now that I look at this shot, I wonder if I can get the misses to dress as Harley next Halloween? Hummmmm.


Bubbashelby said...

lol - sorry to steal your thunder, brother!

I too wish we could get some consistency in the toy department. I guess no one takes grown men who play with (and photograph) toys seriously.

I can't imagine why.

Great pics!

Jay Amabile said...

harley is a hot halloween costume...definitely.