Thursday, November 13, 2008

There she blows!

It's the great white whale...err... Star Ship Enterprise! So This has been making the rounds this week with the announcement of a trailer premiering in four days at the official movie site.

I don't hate it, but I'm not really falling head over heals for it either. I guess I need to see it in action on the big screen. I like the nod to the original motion picture, the saucer section looks really close to the Enterprise retrofit and the Enterprise A, so I could see how they could flow continuity wise. The nacelles seem a little bulky, especially after seeing the ship on the show Enterprise, and the secondary hull seems a little trim, but I think this will all grow on me. I have mixed feelings on the deflector dish, I loved the old school copper radar dish that continually broke of every model of the enterprise I have owned, and I like the original motion picture's treatment of the blue glow, streamlined version. This seems to be a nice cross of the two, but I don't know I sorta miss the copper one. Enough nerd talk.

On a secondary note, since I have family reading the blog, I noticed this little bit for a pre order of the new movie toys, a case of the new figures in 3 3/4 scale for the amazing price of 62.89 USD! Ten figures in all, delivered in April 2009, just before the movie! I'm just saying this would make a swell Christmas present or Birthday present! I do not mind waiting for April to open a present! Hint, hint. Here's the link in case you are curious.

Till next time, ahead warp factor one!


Anonymous said...

i'm really digging it, my excitement level for this movie is getting higher and higher with every new photo and review............

dusty abell

chunky B said...

To tell you the truth I can't wait till the model kit comes out. Not that I've built a model in more than 12 years or so, but it'll be cool to get a new Enterprise in model form.

I think the design is already growing on me, hell Batman changes his costume with every movie, right?

Off topic, Dusty did you see that the Mugato is available at Toy Rocket's site... hurry up pay day!

Bubbashelby said...

I like it - a good mesh between old and older and, well, you know.