Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a Grand Turkey Day!

At the request of my sister I am throwing up a Christmas List. I don't like making lists, but since she asked I figured what the hell... I mean heck (case Santa's reading). Plus in the spirit of when I used to make Christmas Lists back in '78, I scoured the catalogs (in this case the web) and clipped the stuff I was looking for under the tree this year! Also as since I know Santa reads all the lists I like to start with a few selfless requests, the ones that I would really be happy if they came to fruition on Christmas Day, no joke, plus I always like to butter up the jolly fat man with some well wishes as an ender. Everything else is just icing on the cake, plus they are way more obtainable than the first three, that way some of the pressure is off Santa and back on the rest of us.

I don't expect everything, but I think I came up with a few choices in various price ranges and will most certainly be happy with any one thing from the list. So without any further wait I give you Christmas List 2008!

Also, Sis, I am going to post this at the side bar so it's an easy reference for ya, that way you don't have to dig through all the posts!

And as always I will be ignoring everyone else's lists, that's just the way I roll. Keeps you on your toes!

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rob! said...

that is one awesome list. how could anyone turn you down?