Friday, November 28, 2008


As promised some pics of the EMCE Khan figure, or retro cloth figure, I think that's what most are calling these.

The coolness factor of this figure is off the scale, which when I thought about this last statement a little more I thought of a funny situation. If I was eight this would be the lamest figure ever, I mean that's why I had Kirk and Spock when I was a kid, they were not lame, they were the heroes of the show. Now, much older, this is one of the coolest of the figures from the EMCE Star Trek line. Makes me chuckle when I think that I may be betraying my younger self.

Oh and isn't the likeness dead on to Ricardo Montalban? Which by the way celebrated a birthday just this past Tuesday, Happy Birthday Mr. Montalban! The plane, the plaaaaaaane!


rob! said...

where's his muffin-y chest?

Bubbashelby said...

He looks as smooth as rich, Corinthian leather!

Anonymous said...

the face sculpt is remarkable..........the sculptor knocked it outta the park............

dusty abell