Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Arggggh! Today is going to drag by...

Okay so as most of you know today is the DVD release of the Dark Knight here in the U.S. and the first thing I did on the way to work was stop and pick up my copy. Now the waiting game begins. So while I wait I'll go all Batman Beyond on ya with yet another find from the Magic Grocery Store. Which I'm calling out Target and Toys R Us right now, get on the ball this grocery store is kicking your ass!

So an exit scan of the toy aisle at the local food mart, known as H.E.B. around these parts produced this little gem from the DCUC wave 4. I can't believe that they are churning these things out that fast, seemed like yesterday I was finding wave 2, oh yeah I was. Anyway Batman Beyond is one of my favorites and I knew if I saw this h it was coming home right away. So as I passed down the aisle there he was hanging on the front of the pegs just waiting for me.

Now don't get me wrong on this next statement, I like this figure, and think it's great, but I have mixed feelings about seeing ole Terry here done up in the DCUC style, I think that Batman Beyond really works better in the Timm Universe style, more so than the regular Justice League. The original Batman Beyond Cartoon was really meant for the simplified, more stylized line art.

One thing that works really well is the paint job, yes you can screw up a figure as simple as this. The high gloss on the costume is sweet. And it looks just as good in person as the photos. The one thing I would have liked to seen is maybe some detachable red wings like the show. But this is still all good with me.

He also came with a sweet, fairly show accurate bat-a-rang that doesn't have a peg sticking out the back of it or an extremely large launcher / bazooka type device, so I guess there's that!

Now I just have to wait till 2009 rolls around to get my Timm-Verse style figure from Matty Collector! Hurry up baby new year and hurry up five o'clock I gots me some Dark Knight to be watching!

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Bubbashelby said...

GORGEOUS! Can't wait to find this one!

A wing was part of the prototype, but they didn't follow through on final product. Oh well, he's still awesome!

And I'm waiting all day for my friend and my late birthday present to swing by - The Dark Knight baby!