Friday, December 5, 2008

Battle Royal!

I decided to just round the week out and make it Star Trek week. So up for your viewing pleasure Kirk and Spock from the episode Amok Time. Probably one of many on my list of favorites.

You have to hand it to Playmates Toys, way to take a couple of existing figures add a sash on one and a tear on the other, make a new accessory and bingo new set. It always bugged me that this Spock was through the Vulcan peace sign when he was supposed to be kicking Kirk's ass. Kind of made his right hand useless for fighting. Notice I conveniently cropped it out here, wink, wink!

I will give Playmates a slide on the Kirk figure, they did sculpt a new torso so you get the nice rip effect. Plus this kirk cold be used in any number situations with the Gorn, Mugato, or the Orion Animal Woman. I think I have my Halloween costume for next year!

In the episode Dr. McCoy saves the day by doping kirk up so it looked like he was dead, pulling the wool over the Vulcans eyes, and keeping Spock from getting in trouble by not killing the Captain. Still Spock didn't get the girl, but she was getting with that guy who they used to play Vulcans and back ground Romulans. Oh well, all's well that ends well... Live Long and Prosper.


Bubbashelby said...

Nice set of figures. I love the "Battle Damaged" Kirk!

rob! said...

Playmates' Trek line had a nice simplicity (no overwrought musculature, or giant, bigger-than-the-figure-itself weapons) that i think matched well with the original show's relative simplicity.

Bubbashelby said...

Hey CB - I was just at Toys R Us today - they had this exact "scene" in a two pack but the figures were made by Diamond Distributors or something - They were more "realistic" in design - there was also a TRU exclusive Kirk yelling "KHAAAAAN!" figure and a TRU exclusive two pack of Kirk/Spock in their movie uniforms from Star Trek 1 (I think)

Anyways - you probably should check your local Toys R Us!

chunky B said...

I've been reading online that Diamond is going to start putting the Art Asylum Star Trek product into TRU's. Like an in store exclusive. So it's always cool to get a confirmation that they are in the stores.

I have the Avon set and the figs are pretty detailed, I hope they start selling some of the older ones like the Gorn Captain again! At least I can pick up a yellow shirt Kirk.

I'll have to check ours out, thanks E!