Thursday, March 19, 2009

State of the Aquaman Collection

I try to pay homage to the Aquaman Shrine once a year, usually on the anniversary of my blog, with some picks of the current status of my Aquaman Collection. Last year being the first year I dedicated a whole week, this year I was planning on filling my collection out a little more, but fell short by a couple key Aquaman toys. One being a nice looking loose Mego Aquaman, second a nice loose Superpowers, and third... I keep missing the Minimates auctions! All that aside I am happy to report that the Aquaman branch of my collection did grow this year! So in honor of one of the blogs that got me going, and a belated intro to year three I give you the State of the Aquaman Collection on Eclectorama.

First up I acquired a Black Manta from a trip to the store, I heard that the Classic Aquaman from the same series of DCUC was making an appearance at that very store... nothing but Black Manta, foiled I went home empty handed, checking back a week later, still Black Manta, I did this about three more times, finally I bought the damn Black Manta, because that was the closest I was going to get to Aquaman.

A few months later I was shopping at the "Magic Grocery Store" and stumbled upon the Modern "Chase Variant" Aquaman. I threw him in the cart and upon returning home shot Rob at the shrine an email offering him up. I was beaten by another F.O.A.M. member, so I emailed back to Rob that if he was sure, I was going to go ahead and pop him open. Because this was as close to the classic Aquaman as I was going to get.

Now it wasn't like I hadn't seen a classic version of the sea king, I had actually two days before Christmas, but the figure was horrible. The paint was really sloppy, and it has to be really sloppy for me to pass on a figure I've been looking for. So I left him at Target and went on with my Christmas shopping. I went back a week or so later and of course he was gone, I was sort of relieved as I would have felt like I was compromising quality just to get the DCUC classic figure in my hands.

So once again I find myself at the "Magic Grocery Store" and who should be swimming up from behind a pile of Superman Blue and Red, none other than a pretty decent Classic Aquaman! Yeah! I was pretty excited about getting this figure, and as a side note I am one piece away from completing my first Build a Figure ever, Gorilla Grodd. I just can't make myself buy a Blue or Red Superman, I really do not care for the character. True I have purchased a Blue Superman in the past, but man I just can't plunk down the cash for Grodd's sake. I'll probably break. A second note, this was the second and only time I have seen the Classic Aquaman in the wild.

Now Black Manta can fear both Modern and Classic Aquaman! Buhahahahaha!

Up next is Black Manta and Aquaman Man from Batman the Brave and the Bold Cartoon. These were actually sent to me from the Aqua Master himself, by way of the JLU Club! Viva the JLU Club! I know these are not JLU related, but Rob was nice enough to hunt these down for me in his neck of the woods, as they were yet to be released in these parts. Side note, whenever I receive help or order figures on line, it never fails that they suddenly appear in stores in mass. These took a little longer to trickle in, and I am happy yo report that the Aquaman figure seems to be a big seller here in Texas, he never seems to hang out on the shelves long.

Also, if you are not familiar with this line The Brave and Bold figures are made with children in mind, while they sport near perfect likenesses to the cartoon, they also have peg holes all over them so you can configure the accessories in different combinations all over their bodies. Sort of reminds me of Micronauts. Still I think they are pretty fun figures and worth it if you are interested in the style of the show.

That is the current State of the Aquaman Collection here at Eclectorama, and now I see Rob has started posting pics of F.O.A.M. member's collections on the shrine, I'll have to construct a little shrine shelf of my own and stock it with my Aquaman pretties and shoot a pic to submit.

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rob! said...

I love Aquaman's victory dance after defeating Manta.

And yes, please, take some pics and send 'em in!