Friday, March 20, 2009

Going Ape!

Since my collection of EMCE Star Trek is as current as I can get at the moment, I am turning my EMCE jones to their re-release of the classic Planet of the Apes figures. I didn't have the Apes as a kid, not because I wasn't allowed or my parents did not care, I was probably interested more in Star Trek and Star Wars and they were busy trying to hunt down all those wonderful toys. No, I can say I have liked the Apes Movies, watch them every time they have a marathon on T.V., and often looked into getting a Soldier Ape on Ebay, but I never followed through. I will say having seen some of the classic Apes play sets and remembering the commercials from when I was a kid, I am surprised that I never bugged my mom for an ape when I was younger.

So I had planned on taking any Birthday earnings this year and purchasing two things, one that Animated DVD set of Star Trek and two the whole set of EMCE Apes, which consist of four figures, but I jumped the gun a little. What happened? I found a freaking Hastings about three towns over that had some EMCEs in stock. I did make it out with just the one, but it was pretty cool seeing Apes and Trek on the shelf of a store, like stepping into a time capsule. Also made me kick myself for worrying about ever finding a Hastings to pick up a Khan as they had one there as well. No Spocks though, hum?

So I picked up a Soldier Ape and I have to say he is hands down one of my favorite reproduction figures to date, hell I'm just going to lump him in with the rest of my Trek for now, he's that freaking cool! I really think the hands are the coolest feature, instead of just plain Mego hands, he gets the hands with the Ape like fur texture. Also, he comes with some slick duds and a M-16! Okay it's not Ape like, but cool non the less. One thing is I'm a little bummed that the line ends at these four figures for EMCE. I would have loved to picked up a Taylor or some of the other Astronauts, or even some different Apes. Oh well, I'm thankful for what has been released, maybe I can fill in some gaps with actual Megos or some customs if I feel the need.

I have also spied a blog featuring some of the Megos POTA line that I'm looking forward to reading about, plus as always the Mego Museum is an endless resource for Ape goodness. So till I can get back on Trek EMCEs, I'm going to be Aping it up! Not to fear my Trek followers I have plenty of Trek EMCEs to talk about along with the rest of my Trek Collection.

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