Friday, March 27, 2009

Stormtrooper of the Week 2009 - Entry 1

So like I was saying a few posts back, I'm brining back Stormtrooper of the Week (SOTW) for 2009. I don't know if I will post a Stormtrooper (and now expanded to Clones and other Imperials by the way) every week, but I like the feature's name so I'm keeping it.

So here is our first Stormtrooper of 2009, which is actually an Artist Trading Card by Eric Stettmeier AKA Bubba Shelby which I won as part of a contest he ran last year around Halloween, where you take a picture of the Question that he drew and make a face for him.

I'll call him Fred, TK 0009, he guards the loading docks on the Death Star, luckily he was on vacation durning the Battle of Yavin

The cool thing about Eric's contest, everybody won something. My package, being the grand prize, included the Question Card and two more of his choosing. I like to think that Eric hand picked everyone's prizes by reading their blogs, cause I got Stormy here and one of my favorites from the Marvel Universe Captain America! Star Wars, DC and Marvel truly an eclectic mix. Thanks again Eric!

These cards are sweet and I plan on trying my hand at a few as well, and will possibly have a contest to boot. To see more of Eric's awesome artwork check out his Art blog, tell him "Texas Him" sent ya!

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Bubbashelby said...

I check your blog daily - what a surprise to see these today - I was all - "I drew that...and that...and that!"

I had totally forgotten that these were the cards I sent you, and I don't recall giving it as much thought as you give me credit for - I guess it was just destiny that you got the Stormtrooper and Cap!

Thanks for the shoutout "Texas Me!" Can't wait to see some ATCs from you - when you do them let's be sure to trade!

Your friend,
California You.