Monday, March 30, 2009

This is all sorts of wrong...

But that's why I love it so! EMCE/Mego Mugatu is like the cousin from the city that comes to visit the country Mugatu, all dressed in his fancy, space disco attire. What else can I say about this Mugatu that countless others haven't? Maybe just this, he is now one of my top favs from the re-releases.

I will also go on record as saying "dig those crazy feet, man!" Did Mego use those feet anywhere else? If they didn't use those on the POTA merchandise, they missed the boat, those are some sweet feet there, from a sculpting point of view, not that I have a space ape foot fetish or anything.

I think the only thing this guy is missing is some cool Elvis sunglasses, don't worry little guy, I'll find you some cool shades! Then it will be, "look out ladies here comes Space Disco Mugatu!"

You can dance, you can dance, everyone look at my pants!


Jay Amabile said...

After the crazy night of disco dancing subsides, I've tagged you in a meme!

rob! said...

The Gorn and Charon are pretending they don't know the Mugatu.