Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahead Warp Factor Four Mr. Sulu

While we're waiting for Spock's first report from the road, I thought I would show off another really cool looking figure from the EMCE Star trek line, one that Mego did not produce back in the seventies. Well, EMCE didn't let this essential crew member go un-noticed, along with another coming in a future post, and they did a great job on him as well.

"Oh My!"

Okay, I will admit when I was a kid I never wanted to pretend to be Sulu, Chekov, or Doctor McCoy, they just were not as exciting as Kirk, Spock, and Scotty in my book. I did recognize that they were needed and even back them made sure we rounded out or crew during pretend time, before going with Spock's brother, Kirk's cousin, Scotty's clone, and on and on.

Nowadays I seek out these characters, I guess I still try to round out the bridge crew, the magnificent seven, but now on more equal terms. What's the bridge without Sulu and Chekov manning the helm and navigation, the sickbay without Bones, and the communications station without Uhura? I just hope EMCE keeps going and we start getting guest stars, more aliens, and more Federation personnel.


Bubbashelby said...

It's funny how, as kids, we actually behaved like toy comanies know young boys behave (no girl figures - blech! - etc.) and as adult collectors we complain that they don't make enough of the females and sub characters and hardly-knowns!

Puppatoons said...

Did you have the playset with the spinning transporter? We whirled quite a few figures besides the Star Trek crew around in that baby!

chunky B said...

My Friend had the set when we were little, that thing rocked! I actually got to order the reproduction version they just released for a birthday present, it should be coming out pretty soon!