Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hailing Frequencies Open

I decided to get some of the EMCE photos up this week so I can catch up, and since I've been in a Star Trek mood this past few weeks, all the Trekkies will get a good dose of Trek Toys!

This time I'm posting a female action figure, yes action figure, since I'm a guy and that's what we call them, not dolls. And yes I did buy this action figure myself, jeez people I'm not afraid to go into a store and purchase Lt. Uhura. I'm secure in my masculinity to go into a store and buy Lt. Uhura. Though, it was much easier to just click "add to cart" when FAO was having that sale online and have her sent to my door in a nice discrete box. Not that I wouldn't pick one up in a store, it's just it was on sale!

I'm just going to move on now. What I like about this action figure is it's the only figure with rooted hair from the Star Trek collection, which I guess if you were a toy company trying to compete with Barbies and what not back in the day you had to have something to comb. I also read that Dr. Mego when designing this reproduction, based on an original Mego toy, he made a few adjustments, that in toy terms is really cool. The hips can pop in an out of socket for a doll like look for playing or a more female figure form for displaying. You know now that I typed this it's sort of creepy, moving on.

What I don't like, and this is nothing against EMCE or Mego, is that the hands can't hold a phaser, which is cool I guess because she didn't come with one. Wait, what? Tricorder, check, phaser and communicator, no! To fix this I guess I need to get one for her, I mean Uhura wasn't just arm candy on the series, she got in there and explored the galaxy with the guys, went on missions to planet surfaces, was exposed to the same aliens as the rest of the gang. Also what gives she needs a communicatorl, she is the communications officer. So even though she can't hold them I'm going to equip her like the rest of the landing team. So I guess I'm off to accessorize my dolly, check you guys later.


LEon said...

What is that sling "bag" that she is carrying? A handbag? Maybe the communicator is inside?

Puppatoons said...

Did she not come with the hoobajoob that sticks in her ear? :(

Bubbashelby said...

"The hips can pop in an out of socket for a doll like look for playing or a more female figure form for displaying."

*steps slowly away from CB and his dolly

chunky B said...

Leon - It's her Tricorder, it doesn't open in this case.

Puppatoons - Nope, no "hoobajoob" for her ear. That would have been cool, matter of fact I don't recall ever seeing that thing on an Uhura toy, weird.

BS - Wait! where are you going? I didn't design the thing, or discover this feature, it's just how it is... really!

Frederick said...

Boy, they really just did not even try for any kind of likeness to Nichelle there. I suppose they thought that the coloring alone would be enough, but it looks like a generic female face.

And shame on you for playing with her private stuff!

Although I do admit that when I was a kid I thought that all girls were completely featureless "down there," a misconception I got after looking under the croched dress of a Barbie that my grandma used as a toilet paper cover. The doll's legs went down in the tube and the dress covered the roll.

OK, too much information...

chunky B said...

Okay for the last time, no naughty parts were played with, I read a post by Dr. Mego himself and how he designed this feature into the toy, that's it, honest, besides Uhura isn't that type of girl.

Now, I agree, this one and since it's based on a produced Mego the original as well, missed the mark on the Nichelle likeness... oh yeah and also you're right waaaaaay to much information. :)