Friday, April 24, 2009

How not to shoot pictures of your toys

I thought it was a nice day out side, the yard was looking rather nice, the hounds were nowhere to be seen, so why not take my wife's little point and click camera, my new favorite Storm Shadow (from the latest Cobra Box Set) and shoot some pictures ala Toyriffic in the nature!

FAIL! Fence looks too weird in the background, waaaay outta scale!

Not bad, still some clutter in the background...

...wait, what's that licking on me???

Noooo, come on Squee, not now...

Move, move, move... please

Not what I meant.

Oh all right I wouldn't want to stand in the way of some sun bathing...

In other GI Joe News:

GI Joe Resolute is airing this weekend, I've been checking out the individual webisodes that make up the movie they will air this weekend and so far I like it, I think I like it better than what I think the movie will turn out to be. It's not for the faint of heart, this version has blood and gore and bullets, you know, just the thing kids need to see nowadays. I'm really torn because I don't think this is something for kids, but that makes me sad because kids need cartoons and comics and toys made for them. The geek in me really enjoys it though. Why did they have to kill of Bazooka though, poor Bazooka. Check out the rest at or on Cartoon Network this weekend.

Doc Finally Arrived:

In another GI Joe related story, after about eight freaking months, I finally received the one freaking Doc figure I mailed away for. I mean come on one figure, it's not like I'm hoarding these things. Did I forget to mention the three emails I sent Hasbro, and the canceled check to prove I ordered it, I only had to send that twice. Anyway Doc is safe and sound, now to pop this sucka open and put with the rest of my Joes! Finally the team has a doctor, I can stop sending them to the morgue... lets see.

G.I. JOE: 16


Dan said...

The Cobra pack has the Viper with the really spiffy chrome mask, drool!

Resolute is pretty good, but a little short. The first few started things going slow, and then all of a sudden things seemed to wrapping up already. Hope a longer cartoon series will come out of this! Bazooka didn't get a fair fight!

Bubbashelby said...

Those nature pics are awesome - I read this post with my daughter and she was laughing out loud!

rob! said...

I didn't think that fence looked out of proportion...I just figured Storm Shadow was on the Texas/Mexico border.

chunky B said...

Apparently whatever fence we have didn't work, cause I'm now at ground zero in Texas for the Zombie epidemic known as the swine flu!

glad your daughter liked them, I'm going to have to do more posts with my photo assistant Squee.

TAO said...

Your basset hound is precious man.

chunky B said...

Thanks TAO, I think she's precious too, she's always willing to help with whatever, especially when it comes to taking pictures of stuff.