Thursday, April 23, 2009

Map Page and Some Trek Links

I'm being a little lazy today, and what better way to be lazy than to surf the web for Trek goodness. So I'm posting some of my favorite Trek info sites, but first the Spockcation Map Page. I thought it would be a lot easier for location updates and for me posting wise to launch the Spockcation State Availability page. I actually launched it last week, but I don't know if it's getting much use, so I thought I would break it down in a post.

The link under the Spockcation feature link, the one marked "click here to see states available", will take you to a page that I update every time I get a new state for the map. Today I got Connecticut, it's sort of small, but it's blue now trust me. Which reminds me Rhode Island is open, I know Spock would love to see some of those Mr. Potato Heads around town. Anyway, click the link and the page will show you what states are still waiting for a host. Then you can drop me an email with your info and I'll put you on the list and color your state blue. Also if you have a website you want featured when I post our pictures, let me know when you send your info.

So if you signed up, thanks, if you know someone in one of those states, maybe forward them a link to see if they are interested. Now speaking of links, here we go.

My Star Trek Scrapbook I love this site, so much Star Trek history all in one place, my vote for the Best Trek Site!

Trek Nostalgia Ran by the Nostalgic Gangster himself, He has more Trek stuff than I could dream of, and excellent and very informative posts as well!

Trek Movie This site has daily posts about the upcoming movie and all sorts of info on new merchandise coming out.

Eavesdropping with Johnny John Eaves' artwork is simply amazing, he is a master of his craft, and is currently featuring one of his heroes, Ron Cobb, another master. People like these inspire me to do better with my own artwork. Go, check out his concepts for Star Trek!

Drex Files Found via Eavesdropping with Johnny, another great view into the back stage goings on of Star Trek, and great detail renderings of the NX-1701!

of course here's the Star Trek Official Site and the Star Trek Movie Official Site. For the Official word on Star Trek, plus a good way to fill in on some Trek episode history.

So go, Trek out on the web, but remember to return to Eclectorama for more Toy, Star Trek Toy, Spockcation, and Basset goodness!

Live Long and Prosper


LEon said...

Hey I love your new side logo of Spock! It really cute! way to go bro!

The Nostalgic Gangsta said...

Thanks for the kind comments regarding my site.
I'm a big fan of the eclectorama and I'm looking forward to being a part of the Spockcation!
-Nostalgic G.

Frederick said...

Hey, thanks for your vote for my blog as being one of your favorites! I'm honored.

I'm anxious for Spock to arrive so I can take him on a jaunt around Savannah to see the historic sights!