Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comic Pack Beachhead

Beachhead is hands down my favorite Joe. Not because of the comic or cartoon, I just dig this dude's getup. I like Beachhead so much that not only did I pick up the comic pack that this one came in, but the regular single carded figure, the 12 inch figure, the Hall of Heroes single pack, and a recast of the original figure... Plus I still have my original from the 80's!

This version of Beachhead is probably the closest to the original, more so than the single pack. I think the only thing missing is the back pack, that was fixed in the Hall of Heroes single pack. He came with a comic (that was actually a pretty fun read) and Dataframe, who used to be called Mainframe, plus all the weapons, gear, and file cards.

Dataframe came with the biggest freaking laptop you have ever seen, I don't think you could call it a laptop. He needs to get an iPhone or something, seriously. Oh and the funniest thing was he had little card board floppy discs, do kids even know what these are anymore? You can check out more here, I was more excited to get another Beachhead I didn't bother shooting Dataframe.

I had planned to have Squee help me shoot pictures of Beachhead here, but she was busy doing Basset things, she promised to return to help improve my photography, and maybe even do a photo shoot with Beachhead and a few others.

Anyway, Yo Joe!

G.I. JOE: 17

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