Monday, May 25, 2009

Some New Classic Iron!

Classic Iron Man, now in 3.75 inch scale!

I have been waiting forever for some Classic Iron Man, well seems that way. This guy is awesome! What's not awesome is the price these are going for, I remember when the larger Marvel Legends were going for around eight bucks, and I thought that was high, I long for those days now.

So here's the specifics: Classic Iron Man from Hasbro's Marvel Universe Collection

Sold: Everywhere, generally awesome, price not so awesome

In scale (pretty much) with: GI Joe (look out Cobra), Star Wars (look out Empire), Indiana Jones (look out Crystal Skull Guys), Star Trek (look out Romulans) and DC Universe (look out Joker, there's another rich dude gunning for ya)!

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Bubbashelby said...

This one is awesome! With him and Brown costume Wolvie I can recreate the Secret Wars team-ups that took place in my back yard in the eighties!

All I need now is a MU Dr. Doom to pit them against and my Secret Wars days will be revisited completely (as those are the only three Secret Wars figures I had as a kid.)