Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spocklection Update - Playmates ST:TMP Spock

I realized that while preparing for the release of the new movie I had a few gaps in my Spocklection, so I found myself trolling ebay for a Star Trek the Motion Picture (ST:TMP) Spock . I never picked one up in the stores back in the 90's, and while I've been picking up select Art Asylum / Diamond Select Toys figures, the older Playmates stuff still has a certain charm that I dig.

As luck would have it I found one on the cheap, which now that the new movie hit the Spock selection has tripled in listings, so I snipped him, well I was actually the only person bidding on him so I don't think it counts.

I'll always have a soft spot for ST:TMP, while it wasn't all that it could be, and for some one of the worst Star Trek pictures, 1970's me was happy to see this movie on the big screen and while staying up late working on projects in college ST:TMP was in permanent rotation on my VHS. So while it wasn't the "Star Wars" of the 70's it still is a great movie in it's own right, any movie that can bring the crew of the Big E back together is number one in my book!

So, that is it for this week's update to the Spocklection, hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully I can find a few more Spocks before the years out to add and feature. I'll leave you with a group salute, not the entire collection, but a few of my others are included for scale, plus that fellow in the back, the Mego one is my original Spock from when I was a little Trekkie. More on him later, Live Long and Prosper.


Dan said...

I like the older playmates toys charm as well. Something about Art Asylum's that are way too realistic and creepy. As for ST:TMP, I didn't mind it, its slow, but the mystery it creates during the movie is intriguing. That latest directors cut on DVD helped it from lagging as well. Cool Spock collection!

LEon said...

The facial expression look good but overall pretty glossy to me.