Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek Strikes Back!

I think it's funny people want to know my opinion of the current Star Trek Movie. I loved it, every minute of it! I went in the theater just wanting to be entertained. I would be lying if I wasn't a bit concerned about the new direction, but that was all laid to rest as every scene unfolded. For the record, no I did not dress up as a character to attend the show, just jeans and a plain t-shirt, though I would have loved to have received a prize pack like my buddy at Trek Nostalgia. Yes, I did go and see it at a 11:00 PM showing on Thursday night, then again the next morning. I was shooting for three showings over the weekend, but I thought I would hold off till later this week for my third showing. My first impression when I left the first showing... Whoa.

So, I couldn't believe the movie was only 2 hours long, it felt like I was only given 30 minutes of an episode, the pace was fantastic, I never felt like I was waiting for this movie to end or that there was a lull in the story. The introduction of the characters were all enjoyable, and even though I might have been a little skeptical about the whole time line aspect of the story, I left the theater satisfied with the way the story was handled. I even excited to see how they take this new crew in future installments. Will we see different takes on past villains? New worlds? I really can't wait till we see this crew in action again.

The big E was beautiful on the big screen, and seeing it in some of those amazing action sequences was breath taking. My hats off to the special effects crew behind bringing the Enterprise to life. I really enjoyed the way the ship was portrayed in space, not having a fixed up or down orientation, plus the scenes of the silence of space were beautiful. The soundtrack was also very enjoyable, even though there was a Beastie Boys song mixed in (nice touch by the way), I always think the best soundtrack is one that doesn't rely on too much modern pop, but is built with sweeping original scores.

Do I think the franchise has been re-energized as some would say? Yes, I think this new take on Star Trek might launch a few more movies and maybe spark an interest in another TV show. If not an interest in the shows and movies that came before hand.

My only down note about the whole new Star Trek experience was when I left the first showing I thought how Playmates Toys missed the boat by not bringing out more of the "aliens" from the movie in its initial offerings of toys. I would have loved to have picked up a little Star Fleet Officer Alien (the one that hanged with Scotty) or some of the other Aliens from the film. Here's hoping they release some more of the 3.25" line and fill out the Star Trek Universe with some of these characters.

My final though, while I love Star Trek the Motion Picture from back in 1979 and wouldn't change it for the world, I really think this was the movie 11 year old me was waiting for back then. I really was taken back to why I like Star Trek, the team effort, the adventure, and the chemistry of the crew. So if you haven't seen it, I would go, and no you do not have to like Star Trek to enjoy this movie, but if you do you'll like it as well.


rob! said...

I've seen it twice already, and like you I loved it. The characters were spot on, the action was great, and like you said the movie FLEW by.

I definitely want to see it a third time, something I haven't done for a theater movie in years.

I used to be a huge Trek fan, but with each successive series Paramount drained my enthusiasm for it all until by the time I got to Enterprise I just didn't care.

Now I'm back on board! Eagerly awaiting Star Trek 2!

chunky B said...

I tell you Rob I felt like a kid again and I can't tell you the last time I went to a movie three times back to back.

Also, I just borrowed a friends DVD set of Enterprise and have been watching it, I really don't think it's that bad, there are some pretty fun episodes.

The Nostalgic Gangsta said...

I totally agree with you CB, this film takes you back to those times when you would go into a movie theater as a kid and have a mind-blowing experience. I also got to see it at the IMAX and I highly recommend you check it out in that format for your third viewing. I will see it again on IMAX for sure. By this weekend I will have seen it four times!

LEon said...

On the point of "Playmates Toys missed the boat by not bring more of the aliens", I guess they play it safe on worked formula who are lead characters. They wouldn't take the risk for not knowing how the new show will be reacting in the toy community. I'm pretty sure other toy maker will hop on board once this fever pick up. So get ready for some cash to buy in some more toys I tell you.

I have not seen the movie yet but when I saw the trailer it already gave me a action pack up to date impression. Of cos seeing sylar do make it more appealing. XD