Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spock Stop 1: Ontario, Canada

Spock's first stopover was with Brian at Brain reports Spock had a great time in Canada and didn't even need to wear a tuque.

Spock was welcomed his first night by some Canadian celebrities. They threw him a little party, this picture is when things were winding down, Kirk is hitting on Sarah Chalke back in the corner and I'm told on good authority that it's the law that a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police must attend any and every party.

To make this fun how about a little contest for this post? Name the other five actors and their characters in the scene (we already gave you William Shatner - Captain Kirk and Sarah Chalke - Dr. Elliot Reid) besides the Mounty of course and I'll draw up a little Spockcation Original Artist Post Card for the first correct answer in the comments.

The next morning Spock was treated to a trip to Lake Ontario, Toronto is off in the background. Brian said it was sort of hard to see that day.

Spock attended the local Free Comic Book Day and got into a spot of trouble with a Stormtrooper, seems Spock tried to explain the logic behind target practice with the trooper and almost became a target himself.

The next day Spock was off exploring as Brian was doing some patio furniture shopping, seems Canada has a dinosaur population that is not widely known about.

The store has a few dinos hanging around to drum up business, or to scare away window shoppers. Spock finds himself in the jaws of a ferocious dino with Canadian pride!

Brian said that he searched for hours in the dino poo for Spock, turns out Spock called for an emergency transport before making his way down the dino's gullet and was off looking around before meeting back up with Brian. Sorry Brian, thanks for looking for him though.

Spock pauses at the Toronto Airport for his Landmark Picture before "Taking off, eh" to his next destination, New York! Pete from over at the Mego Museum Forums will be Spock's host for this stop, so head's up Pete! Spock's on his way!

Thanks again to Brian at for hosting Spock in the Great White North, be sure to check out his blog for that groovy 70's vibe. It's a really sweet spot on the web full of 70's fashion mockery and toys from that wonderful time of bell bottoms and wide collars.


Bubbashelby said...


So glad to see Spockation 2009 has launched. Can't wait to see all Spock's destinations!

Puppatoons said...

Yay! I can't wait to host the handsome devil.

rob! said...

Crap, there's no way I'm going to be able match these photos' comedy/interest quotient!

LEon said...

That Stormtroopers point the blaster at Spock?! Starwars and Startrek just don't mix aye? LOL

Jay Amabile said...

oh man, this is awesome....! lol....i can't wait for the rest! This was such an awesome idea. BTW - for some reason I wasn't "following" you on your list...did you just add that gadget?

chunky B said...

Yeah Jay I just added it.

I've seen this idea done before, I can't take credit, but I did think it would be cool to do with a Spock, everybody seems to like Spock. Plus since I won't be doing any traveling for a while I get to see new places and meet new people!

Bryan said...

Bob and Doug McKenzie!!
"I gotta pee so bad I can taste it, eh!"