Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spock Stop 3: Orange Park, Florida

The pictures of Spock's second stop in Florida, Orange Park with host Paxton of Cavalcade of Awesome, have arrived!

Spock was shown the town, took in some time to catch up on his reading, faced off with Paxton in a drinking contest and even had a chance to take in his latest flick. I beleive this is Spock's first time seeing Star Trek on the big screen, so extra thanks goes out to paxton for taking him to the show!

Without further ado, onto the photos!

Spock makes another new animal friend, Presley the Cat.

First stop Winn Dixie HQ, Spock thought he was going shopping, but turns out it was time to work!

Spock didn't mind lending a hand.

Spock always seems to find the alcohol while on vacation, this is the aftermath, I think I'll let Paxton explain what happened here

The next day Spock talked Paxton into going to the local book reseller.

"Fascinating. Though the resemblance is somewhat off."

"Another of these MAD Magazines, detailing the adventures of the Enterprise, though the accuracy is somewhat lacking."

NO SPOCK, you'll ruin the ending, you haven't seen the movie yet!

Okay, much better. Paxton reports Spock took a seat in the cup holder next to him and was only mistaking for a Dr.Pepper once. Spock doesn't want to talk about the incident, so we are considering it classified.

Excited to see Jacksonville Memorial Stadium home of the Jacksonville Jags.

"Captain are you following me? Perhaps you should rest here in Florida, you look a little under the weather, I'll borrow the Galileo Shuttlecraft to get to my next stop."

Well thanks again to Paxton for playing host to Spock, we are really getting some great photos so far, I can't wait to see all the places Spock visits next. Until next time Live Long and Prosper.


chunky B said...

Okay everyone has to go check out Paxton's story of the Wine show down, I can't stop laughing about it...

LEon said...

I didnt know SPock had a thing for alcohol. LOL

Paxton said...

Haha! I hope everyone likes the Spock-Paxton wine showdown. It was fun to do. I had a great time. Thanks again Charles for letting me participate. You picked some of the best pics for this article, good job!