Monday, July 6, 2009

IKEA means three things!

1) I'm going to spend some money.

2) I'm going to be building something called a flippyfluegen or something like that.

3) I'm going to Toy Joy!

And that's what this post is all about, number three! Yea for Toy Joy! I have had to say it before, but I'll re state my case. I loves me some Toy Joy. Toy Joy is the most awesome toy shop in Texas, the United States, make that the world, maybe even the galaxy!

Now this trip to Austin was by complete surprise. I had actually planned on making the trip in Sunday, when I would have been better prepared with my camera and a plan. This trip was sprung on me early Friday on a nice drive to San Marcus, a town between Eclectorama Land and Austin. it sort of went like this...

Wife: "you know we are about half way to Austin, we should just go ahead to IKEA and save gas"

Me: "I guess, though we are not really half way, maybe a third, and I don't have my camera, and... okay,let's do it"

Wife: "Great, wake me when we get there, I'm taking a nap."

So we hit IKEA, shop, shop, shop. Okay, pick up heavy stuff from self serve area, and we are out the door... Wow under two hours! It's a record! Toy Joy has been doing some expanding since I was last there, and there was all sorts of crazy goodness in the store that fine Friday afternoon. So much good stuff that I was like a kid in a candy store, I couldn't remember all the stuff when it came time to pick out a couple things to purchase. It wasn't till I had left that I remembered the other stuff, so bear with me real quick as I make a list for next time.

1) Awesome 12" vinyl Godizilla by back door.
2) Ultraman Halloween Mask in Kaiju section
3) Two headed Monster baby
4) Rubber monkey finger puppet assortment
5) Squirrel underpants
6) Windup Shinny Futurama Bender

There that should do it.

So what did I see and get this time? Well, I did shoot a few pics with my mobile phone, and I picked up a couple things, not really that special, but some stuff I wanted to get. Lets see...

A small part of the outside of the building, that robot's knobs say Toy Joy... hee hee

Sweet! Some vintage goodness represented by EMCE's Trek merchandise!

Part of the windup robot section, this will remind me that I need to add a couple of those robots to my list.

First up of my toy score, Bobble Head Spock. I haven't found one of these yet, I know Toys R Us are supposed to have them, but Toy Joy DOES have them!

Total impulse buy, I didn't realize these were blind box, I thought I was getting the U.S.S. Excelsior, the NCC one at that! The silver bag is chocolate, I passed this time on the chocolate.

Back of the box, some cool stuff to be had.

A close up of the ship I did get, the U.S.S. Grissom, NCC-638.

Another shot of the U.S.S. Grissom.

I saw this at checkout, so I guess it's another impulse buy, but I knew my son would love to have it!

That's it for this trip, but I'm hoping we make another trip soon. What's that? What did we pick up from IKEA? That's a surprise for another post.


Dan said...

ah the Grissom, home of the debate how does the crew get to the pontoon section? I think its just full of sensor stuff that the crew doesn't need to get to. Or there are small ladders going down the side attachments. Or maybe, Star fleet uses mini transporter stations to get from one part of the ship to other. I still like the design, one if my favorites!

LEon said...

Look like a fun trip and you got some good buys. :D

Liz said...

If I were still in my collecting days I would be having a conniption left and right in that store.