Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LEon Invasion

LEon has enjoyed my part in his Vader Invasion so much he made me up a site icon or logo just for the occasion! So if you take a look to the left (and above) you'll see his handy work on this awesome Vader Logo. He asked that I give him some tips on wrapping text, I'll be emailing these to you as soon as I can LEon and thanks again for the great logo.

Oh by the way for those of you that cannot read Aurabesh, the language of the Empire, the top says "Welcome to Eclectorama" and the bottom says "MAy the Force Be With You".

Back to Vader Invasion!


Little Plastic Man said... did Leon come out with the Vader? Did he draw it? Sweet

LEon said...

Oh man, I'm so flattered. I love what you did for your banner. So Empire! LOL Looking forward to the tutorial. I'm sure some of us will benefit on that.

rob! said...

That's sweet...should be an iron-on patch!