Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 3

No. 13: Hong Kong Edition 12 Inch Set

Since I ended with the 12 inch Collectors Series Darth Vader yesterday, I thought I would show a cool repack of the figure. In 1997 the UK handed over control of Hong Kong back to China. Kenner marked the occasion by releasing some of their toys packaged in Commemorative packaging. Among these sets were the 12 inch Hong Kong Edition, the 3.75 inch Empire Hong Kong Edition, the 3.75 inch Rebel Hong Kong Edition, and a Batman 100th Figure Hong Kong Edition.

Here we have the 12 inch set. It included Luke, Obi Wan, and Darth Vader. All repacks from the Collectors Series single releases. The front sported the Star Wars brand.

The Back has the Hong Kong skyline.

And inside are the figures. My open Darth Vader came along for the photo for a comparison.

Since we are on the Subject...

No. 14: Hong Kong Edition Empire Set

This time the Imperial Forces are represented with re-packs of the 3.75 inch singles. Vader, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper representing!

Same as above, a commemorative set to celebrate the turn over of Hong Kong to China. It took some finagling to get these sets back in 1997, now you can find them on Ebay occasionally. Still I think they are rather cool and would not give them up.

No. 15: 1995 Orange Carded Darth Vader

This guy came out a few times, with a long saber, a short saber, a short saber in a long tray... blah, blah, blah. You name it these early figures had all sorts of variations. Notice he's the same figure as the one in the Hong Kong pack? Here's the Long Saber version, open and packaged. There was a time when I would purchase several of one figure, so you might see some posts during Vader Invasion with both represented. Now not so much, one because it doesn't make sense and two because figures are getting expensive.

I know many despise these figures because of the bulked up look, but I think these are among my favorites. It was such a cool time to be a Star Wars collector back in 1995. I remember when these hit the shelves the Stormtrooper and Vader were among my first purchases.

No. 16: 1996 Green Carded Darth Vader

Same as the Orange Carded figure, except the package was green with a hologram sticker and he came with a short saber. Hey I had the Orange one, might as well get the green one!

In my defense I didn't get the Green Cards on all the re-packaged figures, just the ones I liked.

No. 17: 1996 Shadows of the Empire 2-Pack

Yep another re-pack, this time the figure has some slight differences, but it is still pretty much the same figure. This was from the multi media blitz that was Shadows of the Empire.

I have pretty much gotten rid of most of my Shadows merchandise, this one was saved because it had Vader in it.

No. 18: Darth Vader Coin Bank

I'm going to say this was from about 1996-1997. It was brought back from a Toy Fair that the company I was working for was attending. Someone knew someone else at the company that produced these and they persuaded them to let them take one back to the "Star Wars nut in the art department".

A much appreciated gift, and it holds me change! Well, that should do it for another installment of Vader Invasion, tune back in tomorrow for more Dark Lord of the Sith goodness.


LEon said...

Wow you actually have the HK 1997 edition! You are really one hardcore Vader fan.

The 1995 Kenner Orange Vader bring back some the memories I had. It was a Starwar revival. After all those years of waiting, finally Starwars figure again. Even the figures are bulky in size, collectors just went crazy for it. In Singapore that period Leia and Stormtroopers were the Hot figure and scraplers selling it for double the price.

During that period, there was a K-mart in Singapore and it was there I got the figures.

Little Plastic Man said...

Ha...I remembered the year when the Star Wars toys made a revial with the orange carded figures! I was still serving national service and all my allowance went into collecting those star wars figures!
I have the complete series 1 with THX card in it. If I am not wrong it was the Japan cards...good times!

Jay Amabile said...

The POTF figures in 95 were exciting even though they were too broad and muscular. I also despised the plastic capes and cloaks. Jedi Luke had a plastic cloak that looked completely awkward. I still have a bunch of these as well. The Boba Fett figure was one of the best. It's amazing how many figures have been released since then and how they've improved upon these. But there's still no way I'll pay 300 bucks for a millenium falcon! "What a hunk of junk!!!"

Brian Ashmore said...

Cool, cool Vader stuff!!

I always wanted that Hong Kong 12" 3-pack.

Do you have the new Sideshow 12" Vader yet?

chunky B said...

@Little Plastic Man - We didn't get the THX card here, I think that was Japan.

@ Jay - The Fett man was the best! I remeber the day I picked up my Fett from that line like it was yeasterday. I remeber thinking they couldn't do him better... then they proved me wrong.

@Brian - Nope no Sideshow Vader, I've seen it and it is amazing. I do have a couple Medicom Stormtroopers and was real close to pulling the trigger on a Sideshow Stormtrooper, but man those are pricey. Just trying to be happy with what I have : )