Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toy Recon: 001

A new little feature I'm going to start, one because I loves me some toys and two pictures are cheap! That being said, it does not mean I will not end up with some of this stuff, but I also hope it helps people see what's starting to hit the store shelves.

First up, spotted at a Target this one snuck in under my radar. I've been out of touch with the Star Wars Galactic Heroes the past couple of months so it was a surprise to see a pack with none other than Porkins included. It was only a matter of time before all the side characters started showing up in this line. This one is going into the column of "Cool, but don't need". Sorry for the blurry pic, I was shooting Gorilla Style! Stay on target, stay on target!

Second is a set I'm going back for, located at Toys R Us. I don't care that it's an exclusive, and I'm not quit sure what makes it an exclusive, maybe the clear Gentleman Ghost figure. I'm interested in this set, because the figures are small, and there are quite a few. Plus it helps that there is a Batman and an Aquaman, their buddy Blue Beetle and some enemies to fight. The Brave and the Bold Mini Figs set! Straight from the Cartoon, then stylized into funky minis, these kick some serious butt! This is going into the column titled "This will be mine!".

Third is a sweet pic of the Star Trek section at Toys R Us. This is going into my "This would make a great gift!" column. None other than a Science Tricorder form the original series with Mr. Spock on the package. Notice I described what's on the package, that's good to do when directing people to the toys you want. This bad boy says lines from the show, spoken by that very logical Vulcan himself, and is scaled to adult human proportions. In this same picture above the Tricorder is a Hot Wheels Klingon Bird of Prey, the green bird looking space ship. This one goes into the "This will be mine!" column, it's also the first time I spotted one of these in the wild, but I left this prey for another day, I've seen it a couple more times so I think I'm safe.

Here's the tally:

Cool, But Don't Need = 1
This Will Be Mine = 2
Great Gift = 1


LEon said...

You know I couldn't even find any Startrek stuff at our ToyRus in Singapore....

the action league do look cool and cute. LOL

Bubbashelby said...

Nice feature! I saw a couple figure/"Vehicle" Batman BandB sets at TRU recently - Batman and Bat-Sub and Gentleman Ghost and Horse.

Also, where are all the pictures you took in the dollie section? Come on, we know you're holding out on us!

Brian A said...

Ooooh... the Brave and the Bold minis are out?! I was just at Toys R Us yesterday and didn't see 'em. Drat!

These definitely fall into my "gotta have it" column.

Gentlemen Ghost and Horse, Bubba? I didn't even know that was coming out. Double Drat! Anybody got any extra $$$ laying around?

Brian A said...

Ooops. It's me, Brian, from Yesterville. I'm signed into a different account.

chunky B said...

@Bubba - I saw the Gentlemen Ghost set too, should have snapped a pic, it had the same Gentleman Ghost figure as this set , but cast in white, his horse, and Batman with what looked like brass knuckles. Didn't see the Sub though.

@Brian A - I figured it was you, between you, Bubba, and myself. I don't think I have that many people that would get that excited over that Batman set. Also saw that you are doing a Batman exclusive collectables blog, can't wait!

rob! said...

Ahh!! My Target hasn't had any of those mini-B&B figs! Me want so bad!!!