Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Mego Spock, or How I Got My Spock Back

While we wait for some more pictures to flow in for Spockcation, Spock is a jet setter by the way, I thought I would share my original Mego Spock from when I was a little Trekkie and a little story on how I got him back. Now the accessories on this Vulcan are reproductions from Dr. Mego, but the clothes are all his. My Mego Spock is one of the reasons I started this blog and this will also lay to rest those rumors my Sister has been spreading about my Mego Spock.

One Saturday afternoon, my wife and I dropped by my parents house to visit. My parents were cleaning out the attic for a garage sell (not to worry I had long ago retrieved my precious child hood treasures long ago, or so I had thought) and while we were discussing the items they had found, my dad asked my mother to get the "naked pointy eared dude she had found" to show me. I knew immediately it was Spock, my long lost Spock! Turns out he was stored with my Sister's old, smelly Barbie dolls. It wasn't the case of him trolling for Barbie trash, but that they had lured him into their hands. Spock wouldn't do such a thing as lay with Barbie Dolls. Anyway a quick trip to the garage produced my Spock. After some ribbing about him being naked my dad suggested I look through my Sister's old Barbie clothes for some pants for him, remember this sort of thing does not phase me I am quite secure in my manly love of dollies, naked or not.

I took this as a challenge and I went to the garage to find a large garbage bag full of Barbie clothes. I started dumping them out on the floor when the all to familiar pair of Starfleet pants feel onto the top of the pile, I stopped the dumping process and immediately put Spock's pants on. I laughed and said "I wonder if his shirt is here" continuing to dump the clothes out, the bag produced one Starfleet issue Science tunic, holy freaking crap!

My mother being the only one present for the dumping of Barbie clothes told me I might as well dump out the rest of the bag and see what else might have been mixed in there. I continued to dump and a rather heavy item fell from the bag, one that had been on my mind for years, one that I had no idea what happened to, one of my favorite toys from my early years... one that I will tell you about later, after all this is Mego Spock's story. Let's just say that that night on my night stand Mego Spock and my other toy treasure slept near our bed, my wife thrilled of course and my parents sorry for her for even mentioning that "naked pointy eared dude"

Live Long and Prosper Mego Spock.


LEon said...

Your Spock was lost and now am Found. LOL Congrats bro. You rescue SPock but what about those barbies toys? I'm pretty sure SPock wont walk away just like that leaving the barbies that he spent donkey years together to be unclaimed? LOL

Bubbashelby said...

Nice story, but I'm pretty sure it really went down like this:

"One day I was playing with my sister's Barbie dollies, and I stumbled on my old Spock!"


Brian Ashmore said...

Great post! I never had any of the Mego Star Trek figures...although, I remember seeing them on the shelves and wanting them. I've been picking up many of the Emce ST figures, though. Still feels like opening a new Mego!

That's hilarious that he spent the night near you. I have a similar story that involves my Honeymoon, finding a long-desired 12" Kenner Han Solo at a collectibles shop (with a large stain on his shirt), finding a small box of laundry detergent, and hanging doll clothes on a built-in clothes line across the hotel shower. My wife has never let me forget it...and it's been 17 years.

chunky B said...

@LEon - My Sister's Barbies have all been sold in a garage sale, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, take that Sis! All but one I think and it's living at my parents house.

@Bubba - No dude, happened just like I said, is my Sister paying you or something!? She will not ruin Mego Spock's rep that easy!

@Brian - Wives are good that way, I'm on year 23 and I'm still reminded of all the geeky stuff I do. Great story by the way on the Han, I wonder what the maid thought when she went to clean the room. "Newly Weds, it figures!"

Frederick said...

I had a similar experience with my "Forgotten Prisoner" model, which I found in pieces in a box in my Grandma's closet where I had left it years before and forgotten about it. Finding a bit of childhood like that was great and I reassembled him with great happiness.