Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 5

No.25: Electronic Power F/X Darth Vader

This is Fun Day on my contribution to Vader Invasion, this is where all the cool and cute stuff are going, hope you enjoy.

First up is the Electronic Power F/X Darth Vader. Another great toy from the Power of the Force line back in 1997. These little figures had light up lightsabers and when attached to their stands could have little light up lightsaber battles! This is the Vader half, there was an Obi Wan half as well and you could act out their epic duel from Star Wars (A New Hope to all you younger readers). The battle pretty much looked the same as the movie.

You could also cut out the back of the package for a cool back drop that fit into the stand. I never did this, but thought I would scan the image and make a sturdier backdrop someday.

No. 26: Playskool Darth Vader

In 2002, before they were Galactic Heroes, these tiny figures came in playsets by Playskool. Darth Vader came in the X-Wing Adventure set with Luke, R2-D2, and a cute version of the X-Wing. I'll have to post about these someday, because I went crazy looking for all these little sets.

Now you can find these in all the stores in two packs, single packs, larger playsets. You name it they are every where. They're like bugs! This is the first though from Playskool when times were simpler, before the Empire.

No. 27: Jedi Force Darth Vader

2004 brought some more Playskool goodness, though the line didn't last long. Jedi Force, to compete with Rescue Heroes. Darth Vader has one of the coolest chunky lightsabers around and a small version of the Imperial Probe Droid. Why not, who doesn't need a little Imperial Probe Droid. It can even clamp onto his arm like a parrot.

No.28: Force Battlers Darth Vader

Another one of my purchases from my only Midnight Madness trip. It must have been the lack of sleep, because as everyone else was fighting over the new figures from Revenge of the Sith I was checking out all the other cool toys. People actually laughed as I made my way to the cashier with this guy in my hand. To them I say they are nothing but speculators and scalpers, I collect because I enjoy!

Plus he had a cool Imperial Shield!

No.29: Mr. Potato Head Darth Tater

I can't help it I love Mr. Potato Head, I think it goes back when I would visit my friend's house and spend hours coming up with funny faces. Now every time I see a cool Mr. Potato head I pick it up.

I've gotten better I passed on a few lately, but get me near that Hasbro store at Disney World Florida and I start shoving Potato Head parts in those boxes like a mad man. I once opened the hatch on the Potato Head, stuffed it full and them, then filled the box... see they said the potato had to be in the box as well... I need help... next!

No.30: Mighty Muggs Darth Vader

A newbie to the toy scene, Mighty Muggs! I posted about these things before. I usually only pick up the occasional Mighty Muggs and more times than often it's a character I think looks cool, but isn't always my favorite. I know weird. Darth Vader was a win win since I like the character and he's pretty freaking sweet looking.

Well, another day down in this Vader Invasion, tune back in tomorrow for more Vader. Now, off to pop open this Darth Tater and gets to making funny faces...

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LEon said...

As Vader would have said it in Empire Strike back, "Impressive".

It is really cool that Playskool Darth Vader come with real cloth cape.

I have to say that the Force Battlers Darth Vader look the fittest and the most handsome of your collection of Vader so far. His Damn Marco. Great for display.