Friday, July 31, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 6

No. 31: 25th Anniversary Final Duel Darth Vader

These little Multi packs were released in 2002, and commemorate some of the climactic scenes of Star Wars (again A new Hope for you young ones). There were three sets released in the collection, Since this is a Vader Invasion here's the Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan set. I kept these boxed mainly because I thought the packaging was cool and out of the box the figures would just look like another Vader and Obi-Wan. They are both a little less articulated than other releases as well, plus I think these were meant to be seen as a whole in the package.

I do have the other sets and you can check them out here.

No. 32: Tops Star Wars Galaxy Card

I never was a big purchaser of cards, well after the Marvel Superheroes that is, but I did like to occasionally pick up a pack to see what the cards looked like. I lucked out in this case because I opened the pack to find this great looking portrait of Darth Vader from Joe Smith in the pack.

What is Vader thinking here?

The back has that cool scene where he struts through the Rebel Base on Hoth... Imperial Troops have entered the base, Imperial Troops have entered the base!

No.33: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Collectors Tin Darth Vader

I wanted the Sand Trooper from this set, but noticed that the Vader and C3-PO were from the VOTC collection, plus I dug the double package like Kenner used to do back in the day, I think they were three packs then.

Anyway this thing came packaged in a larger box, they were being cleared out at some insane price, like $3.00, the outer box was beat to hell, but I really liked the way it displayed open like this. Cool thing about these is they included the little plastic peg hook hangers so you can adhere them to the back and hang the cards up on the wall if you wanted.

No.34: Darth Vader Light and Voice Christmas Ornament

Twice I was allowed to pick the theme of our tree. One time it was Space and the second was Pop culture, so Vader saw two years of Action. His little lightsaber lit up and he would breath, It's been awhile, but I think he may have said something too.

No.35: Darth Vader Collector Series Christmas Ornament

What can I say this one just had a better pose, even though he doesn't do anything but hang there. Maybe one year we can do a Black Vader Tree, now that would be sweet, if so I am ready.

No.36: Red Hologram Darth Vader Figurine

These little figures were packed in with the Basic Action Figures in 2006, the Saga Collection. They were random and cast in Blue or Red. You could flip over the package before you bought your figure and there was a little window on the back to show you what Exclusive Hologram Figure you would get. I remember seeing a post online somewhere, where someone made a chess set out of the two colors, cool idea though I only picked up a few. The coolest one I found was a Boba Fett with a Boba Fett Hologram Figure, you know I picked that one up.

Check them all out here, and then come back tomorrow for more Vader Invasion!


LEon said...

I didn't know they had Darth Vader Christmas Ornament! Never in my life believe there such ideas until I saw those 2 Vaders of yours. That is so unholy... LOL

aironlater said...

Do you remember the star wars 45 record and book sets. I still have all three. Even found my old Empire Strikes Back pop-up book.

I've got the Vader christmas ornament. Very cool.

chunky B said...

I believe I have the book from one of them, though it could have been the book from a book and tape set, but I do remember the 45 record and book sets, I have a GI Joe one a buddy sent me.