Monday, August 3, 2009

Stitch Wars

The Woogie by A. Pants

I hope it is okay I show this picture, if not I will take it down immediately. I just wanted to point out a show going on in Florida at bear and bird gallery. Stitch Wars! Featuring all sorts of great hand made art based on your favorite movie series and mine, Star Wars.

Anna, our Spockcation host that took Spock to the most awesome Tiki party ever, brought this to my attention, and added that she has four entries in the show. Plus, another of Spock's host which everyone will see photos from her in the future has a piece in the show as well.

Here are the links to the Flickr Photo Set and the bear and bird gallery so you can check out some more of this really cool show. Make sure to look for A. Pants and Sarah J. Pierce to see the art submitted by our own Spock hosts, and enjoy!


puppatoons said...

Oh, my goodness. I have to show this to all my Star Wars friends.

Did you see the stuffed Acklay? OMG, so cute!!

chunky B said...

I don't sew, but I would break out the wife's machine and give it a go if they had another show, I would like to do some stuff for it. Or they could do a pop culture version or Trek version and I would be game to give something a try...