Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 8

Well, this is it, Day 8 of my contribution to Vader Invasion. LEon thanks for coming up with such a great idea, glad I could participate it's been fun, I enjoyed going through some of my older collectables and I learned I have way too much stuff in my collection, not just the Vader's the overall collection, I'll have to do something about that.

Well onto the last of my Vaders...

No. 43: Darth Vader Topps Pog

Every time I think or say Pog I think of that episode of the Simpsons where Millhouse says "Look! It's Alf in Pog form!"

This Vader is actually part of a little promo sheet of six pogs. My son picked this up for me when he was little, and it has remained and will always remain in the collection.

No. 44: 2004 Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Darth Vader

Another of my favorite Vaders, I was so onboard with the concept of this collection, newer scuplts on classic cards packaged in a protective bubble. That was until they started re-releasing these things in multi packs (which I bought, duh) and then improving the articulation on most of the other figures and making them a part of the basic figure lines. If it was these that got the whole articulation ball a rolling then I guess I'm c glad I supported the line.

No. 45: 2004 Original trilogy Collection Darth Vader

This was a "Secret Santa" present from work. I was having a hard time even locating this figure and my Secret Santa strolls into the toy aisle during the busiest part of the season and picks it up like it was no big deal. She even told me she saw Darth Vader and thought I might like it, that she thought I was into Star Wars or something. I thought the package was so neat, with the Stormtroopers in the background I never opened it. Thanks Secret Santa!

No. 46: Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader

I actually like this figure, his Lightsaber Attack is really not that bad, it reminds me of the old Superpowers line from kenner, he's a pretty solid figure, and I like the helmet sculpt.

Plus that packaging is all cool looking with the flames. It reminds me of when I was young back in 1978 and we would all discuss how Darth Vader became trapped in that mask, we had heard he fell into a Volcano and they crammed what was left of him into the suit. Wow, we were pretty close.

No. 47: 30th Anniversary Darth Vader

I picked this up because as I have seen elsewhere the base, being Obi-Wan's robe from the duel in Star Wars was just plain genius. I left it packaged because you can see Obi-Wan as he squared off against Darth Vader in the reflection of his helmet on the package. No duplicate bought on this one, just this one.

No. 48: 500th Figure Darth Vader

Every so often Hasbro will mark milestones of all the figures they released to date with a special one, 300 was a cool Boba Fett. they do it for Star Wars and did it for Batman when they held the license. I'm not sure if they do it with anything else. Darth Vader was number 500 back around 2005.

I won one as a door prize within a few days of picking one up on clearance for the collection. I kept one packaged and the other opened and eventually given away.

No. 49: Darth Vader Lightsaber

I kept this because it reminded me of when my son and I would go outside in the yard when it turned dark and have lightsaber duels. He of course had the green Return of the Jedi Luke's lightsaber and I had this one. They have since made better versions and even a replica that looks like it stepped out of the movie, but I will always think of this one as being one of the best.

There you have it, my Vader Invasion is pretty much complete, unless I can dig up one more item to round it up to 50, maybe, maybe. Thanks again LEon and everyone that came by for all my Vaders, I really enjoyed this and hopefully we can do it again... but maybe a character that I only have a few of.

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LEon said...

Bravo Chunky! Your Vader collection is AWESOME! And to think 49 of them! You exceed my expectation of your vader collection.

Looking thru your collection very much remind me of some vader that I was considering getting but did not get it. Once again, thanks for being so sporting and willing to share your Vaders. Really enjoy my week here. :)