Monday, October 19, 2009

Get a load of these Jokers

If there's one thing better than finding new Batman at retail, it's finding new Jokers. To fully understand how much of a bat geek I am, lately if I buy a batman from a line, for example DC Infinite Heroes or Batman the Brave and the Bold, I try to always find a complimentary Joker, sort of the Yang to Batman's Ying. I can't say I have always done this, but lets take a quick look back...

1989 Batman Movie: Batman, check - Joker, check
1989 Batman Movie Die Cast: Batman, check - Joker, check
Mattel's Batman Line: Batman, check - Joker, check
Batman The Animated Series: Batman, check - Joker, check
Megos World's Greatest Heros: Batman, check - Joker, check
The Batman Animated Series: Batman, check - Joker, check
Hasbro's 9 Inch DC Super Heroes: Batman, check - Joker, check
Art Asylum's Mini Mates: Batman, check - Joker, check
Justice League Unlimited: Batman, check - Joker, check
Corgi Die Cast Cars: Batman, check - Joker, check
Batman Brave and the Bold: Batman, check - Joker, check
The Dark Knight: Batman, check - Joker, check

I don't have them all represented, but I have a pretty good sampling. Now for the incomplete list

DC Infinite Heroes: Batman, still looking - Joker, check
Kenner Super Powers: Batman, check - Joker, still looking
DC Universe Collection: Batman, check - Joker, still looking
Batman Brave and the Bold Action Heroes: Batman, check, check, check, check - Joker, waiting for release

It's safe to say these last ones will be found, once I set my mind to it, they usually turn up. So you see my Batman vs. Joker Rule is rather new, probably the last four years, the only real rule is a Show Accurate or Classic Batman vs. Show Accurate or Classic Joker, meaning no Scuba Batman and Neon Cyber Jokers when it comes to the Batman vs. Joker Rule. Though I do have my share of off model costumes for both.

Just a little insight into my Bat Geekiness. Now onto the latest Jokers. First up is the DC Infinate Heroes version, based on the classic comic design. This to date is my second DCIH figure I own. Actually He was purchased first. I will note I came close to buying a Batman from the latest three pack, but the price was crazy high and the paint on the Batman was less to be desired so I'm still Batman-less on this line. Won't be long.

The only accessory this figure came with his Joker's cane, which on closer inspection doesn't have the standard issue Joker's Head. Which is okay, because it is rather small. I have seen pictures online of this figure in a black suit as well, but I was more than thrilled to find the purple one. At this point the black suit would just be a bonus.

Second, is the Batman Brave and the Bold Joker. I was looking forward to this Joker, just because of his likeness to a Dick Sprang Joker. It's a nice reference they made in this latest animated version of Batman anyway.

I like these toys and have said that they remind me of the old Mego Micronaughts in the way that the accessories can be stored or connected to the limbs. I've read most collectors dislike this feature, but my feeling is get over it, it's a toy first and foremost, if you are looking for a "realistic" Batman go buy a statue or one from DC Direct.

Lastly I leave you with a little group pose. I've seen on other blogs people are staring to show of their collections a little more. I really dig this, so maybe I might have some Joker or Batman groupings to show off myself, until then enjoy this couple of Jokers.


LEon said...

Never seems to fail to put a smile on my face. LOL

Brian Ashmore said...

Aaaagh! I didn't know the Brave and Bold Joker was out!!

Gotta go.

(Footsteps, door slam, car engine starting)

chunky B said...

I actually had mine for a couple of weeks now, I think it was a fluke thing as I have only seen two in the wild, this one and it's buddy on the pegs, I went back a week later and his buddy was gone.

If I see another I'll pick it up for you.

Bubbashelby said...

I'm also looking forward to that B&B Joker - he's marvy!

chunky B said...

@Bubbashelby - Noted, I'll keep an eye out for you as well.

Brian B said...

I really like the Brave and the Bold figures. Nice & thick with big feet that makes them easier to stand up and I love the retro look of them.