Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spock Stop 7: Santa Cruz, CA

Fellow toy blogger, pop project contributor and friend of eclectorama, Bubbashelby aka Eric Stettmeier was Spock's first host in the great state of California. Eric sends us these photos of Spock's stay. Side note Eric, I cannot reimburse you for the "damage" Spock did to your doll collection, hosting Spock is at your own risk.

So onto another installment of Spockcation, California edition!

Time travel is fascinating.
(ed. Spock visited a Museum with some awesome pics of Santa Cruz throughout the years.)

Spock likes trees

Spock performs the rarely utilized Vulcan tree meld

Spock finds peace in a Redwood fairy ring

Just chillaxin' in the forest

Spock, enjoying the serenity of the forest

I'll just dip my toes

Spock double fists it at the Santa Cruz Derby Girls match.

Spock makes some new friends...all of them dolls!

Uh oh, time to leave town, Spock!

Uh oh is right, RUN SPOCK, RUN! Remember if the ears are not pointy, the baby is not yours! I tell you I really enjoyed Eric's pictures, I always say he takes amazing toy photos, for more check out his toy blog Toyriffic and his art blog for some great images as well.

Well, that's it for Spock's fist stop in California, he has three more to go there. So until then, live long and prosper.


LEon said...

Nice photography indeed. I didn't know Eric have so much dolls?! I guess you are right about him all along. He really into the girly things. LOL

Just joking Eric. :)

Bubbashelby said...

They aren't mine, I swear!