Friday, October 30, 2009

Hammer Time!

"My music hits me so hard, makes me say oh my lord, thank you for giving me a mind to rhyme and two log feet!"

I think this is the last of my Vintage Cantina dwellers, and it's my favorite of the bunch! Hammerhead, or as everyone calls him nowadays, Momaw Nadon. You know, I realize that at some point George Lucas thought, we need to name these characters, or someone did, anyway it seems they put more effort into the original Star Wars characters that the newer ones. Momaw Nadon just sounds cool, Elan Sleazebaggano (from Episode II) just sounds like you couldn't think of anything. Really, this poor guy's name is Sleazebaggano, no kidding, and he is like a sleaze bag, surprising enough, that hangs out in a bar. I would much rather hang out with my man Momaw in a bar.

(ed. I forgot I still have my Snaggletooth, coming soon to a blog near you!)

Okay, back to the toy. No one new the cantina patrons names, except poor Greedo, back in the day so they received names like Snaggletooth, Walrusman, and Hammerhead. Which was cool by me, and to tell you the truth I still refer to him as Hammerhead. What I think is cool is that the vintage figure is pretty close to the build of how he is portrayed in the modern line. Of course he's not wearing screen accurate garb, but no one cared back then, it was just cool to have this freaky looking guy!

"Later player!"


Bubbashelby said...

Hammerhead was a totally awesome alien - I was never lucky enough to have this original figure as a kid, but I always loved to play with him when I'd visit friends who had him.

The Cantina scene is one of the greatest moments in cinematic history, hands down!

Brian A said...

Yeah (annoyed old-man voice), why does every character with a milli-second of screen time, these days, need to have a name and elaborate back story?

Where's the mystery? Where's the fun in just "not knowing?" Where's my cane?

Great Hammerhead you've got there! One of the coolest figures in the line.

A. Pants said...

LOL..... so funny you put this up. last week i just picked him up at a comic book store sale, thinking how awesome he is and how i didnt have mine anymore. YEAH HAMMERHEAD!!!!

if your feeling crafty they have instructions to make him out of a sock on stars wars site
(its a little scary just needs some inprovement)

puppatoons said...

I'm sad to announce that I can actually talk like a Hammerhead...

rob! said...

Its a Tootsie Roll come to life!