Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vintage Joe: Beachhead

First off, this really cheeses me off. I mean this guy was released in 1986 and is older than my son, has survived numerous battles, many moves and collection purges with all his accessories in tack and then the day I go to get him to shoot his picture... SNAP! just like that he has a broken ammo purse! *$@^!$%@!!!

So, now that I got that out of the way. My all time favorite GI Joe, drumroll please, Beachhead!

I find a few things really fascinating when I'm strolling along the information highway in search of toys and stories about toys. One, people's collections, as they exist in the wild, not one piece at a time, but the whole thing, dusty shelves and all. Two, the different ways people photograph their toys and collections, especially the outside shots. Three, Peoples favorite heroes, GI Joes or other characters and the reason they are their favorite.

I likes me some Beachhead for the simple reason the word "Beach" is in his code name. I used to love the beach and the water and everthing surfer. So I thought this guy is the most awesome GI Joe around. Eventually, I dug that he had a cool mask and camos, had a bag of explosives and ammo, and was just a kick ass sort of GI Joe. But, originally it was his name. Weird huh?

So, you can see here Beachhead has stood up pretty well to being such a well loved little Joe, besides the obvious man purse problem. I'm hoping to find a replacement some where out there, until then I will have to be extra careful with him. I was planing on having him and Squee patrol the backyard for Cobra though.

"Gun, check... Back Pack, check... Ah man who broke my hand bag! Come on guys I told you it's an ammo pouch, cause I kick so much butt I need extra ammo!"

"Yo Joe!"


Mario! said...

Cool. I'm getting a movie version of him in the mail soon. I haven't had a good look at it yet, so I'm curious how he compares with the classic version.

Brian Ashmore said...

Aaaagh! Sorry about his bullet purse...


I know the sting of having something break that you've kept pristine for years and years, all too well. I feel for ya.

I'd use a little crazy glue and then erase the memory. It never happened.