Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Pop Project

A few of us in the blog community have started a project, The Pop Project, where we "meet" once a month to get an assignment voted on by all the viewers and participants having to do with pop culture. We then go to our separate corners of the world wide web and produce a drawing, sculpture or whatever and return at the beginning of the next month to show off what we have done (and get a new assignment).

To get things started we decided the first project would be sort of an introduction for each of us and the theme would be our fondest childhood pop culture moment and when we discovered that creating things was what we wanted to do.

Mine has to do with a certain homemade droid and Lightsaber from a galaxy far, far away. So I invite all my readers, followers, friends and family to come by The Pop Project and hang out.

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I'm intrigued about this,