Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alien Surfing

Since I am on the road till the end of the week, I thought you might enjoy surfing with another alien this Thursday. I should be back for a quick post Friday afternoon after some rest, I guess I should make an announcement of the winner of the popularity poll, huh?

"I wield the POWER COSMIC!"

Until then here's another great little Mighty Mugg from the House of Hasbro. I haven't been on board for all the different little Muggs Hasbro has produced, mainly picking up characters I like or are interesting looking, that all said I really dig this Silver Surfer.

"Come to me, my board."

He is a lot shinier that I originally thought. He's basically just silver paint, so I'm guessing it the shape that is helping to give him some glares. This little guy would have been way cooler in chrome!


I've been debating on ordering Galactus from the Hasbro online store, but then I have my eye on another Mugg from a galaxy far, far away. I think if I only get one more Mugg this year I might have to put old Galactus off until the next year, still the pink helmet (if removable) could be comedy gold.

"Ah crap, it's Mola Ram, let's get out of here...

Oh Jeez, better get going, tomorrow the winner of the poll announcement (like you can't look to the side bar and figure it out), Mola Ram will have to wait for another post, see ya!


Brian said...

The helmet on Galactus isn't removable. He's definitely the coolest of the Mighty Muggs though.

Jay Amabile said...

MOLA RAM! lol awesome twist ending

chunky B said...

Yeah Jay it was either Mola Ram or Chewbacca, I like Mola's expression, like "Hey guys, wait up!"