Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spock Stop 9: Los Angeles, CA Continued

Welcome back to day two of Spock's Los Angeles adventure with his host Nostalgic Gangster. So when we last left Spock he was in the middle of accusing the staff of the Star Trek exhibit of taking his equipment, let's hope this doesn't turn into another Amok Time.

So, lets see what Spock has gotten himself into, shall we.

Spock finds his little friend.

Just like in the original series episode "Catspaw", Spock finds his ship encased in some sort of crystal case.

Attempting to find the people responsible for stealing his stuff Spock tries to make his way into restricted areas of The Exhibit.

"Fascinating. These look oddly similar, but yet strange...perhaps they were taken from an alternate universe."

Spock takes a break in order to plan his next move.

Spock was hoping for Seven of Nine...maybe next time.

Realizing he will never get his stuff back, Spock decides to take the Enterprise D for a test drive.

Spock has no regard for authority, specially when they steal from him.

That Romulan Ale sure did a number on Spock's bladder so he attempts to find the restrooms onboard this Galaxy Class Starship.

Spock finds his ride and prepares to board so he can head to the next stop of his journey.

That wasn't so bad, Spock has seen more Star Trek props than I have and he's sat in some pretty impressive chairs. Make sure you drop by and visit the Nostalgic Gangster at Trek Nostalgic for some more Trek goodness, then make sure to set your coordinates for your return voyage back here to Eclectorama for more Spockcation. Live Long and Prosper.

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Brian B said...

Sounds like Spock should jam to Ookla the Mok's song, Number One.

Great pics!