Friday, November 27, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Five, THE TUMBLER!!!

I saved the biggest and best for last, the Batman Begins Tyco Radio Controlled Tumbler!

Man this thing is huge, at about two feet in length making it the largest Batmobile in the collection. I have only ran it a couple of times, it freaks the dogs out so much that I can just set it in the middle of the floor and they will bark at it.

I picked this monster up on clearance right after the holidays back in 2005. Half price on a huge Batmobile was nothing to sneeze at.

I do wish it could open up and had some other play features, but I can live with it having the radio control and the light up feature. Don't get me wrong I love this monster, but if I won the lottery I would go out and by the Hot Toys Tumbler for a nice display piece, but for sheer running around the house, tearing things up and chasing bassets this is the Batmobile to have in your arsenal.

Besides the lights it does have sound, when it's running it makes the acceleration noises and when you slide it to a stop it makes the braking noises, plus in demo mode it will make a laser firing noise.

Here's a picture with yesterday's Batmobile to give you an idea of the size of this beast.

Well, that's it for Batmobile Week! I can honestly say that it was fun featuring the Batmobile. I have been wanting to do more with the Batmobile for quite some time. I can also say that I could have probably stretched this out to Batmobile Month if I wanted, so I might be doing some more Batmobile Weeks in the future if everyone enjoyed it. Till the next Batmobile Week, look out! I'm going to take this thing for a spin!


LEon said...

It's so Huge!! Look dangerous too.

Brian Ashmore said...

Cool, cool Batmobile. I'm jealous!!

I didn't even know these existed until a couple of years ago. That thing is huge!!