Thursday, November 26, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Four, A Classic Batmobile

First things first, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you all had a good one and thanks for dropping by for a little Batmobile action after your meal.

I like this Batmobile for several reasons, one it's a cool looking 1960's Batmobile, two it's one of the Corgi Batmobiles of the early 2000's, three it reminds me of this little two seater I used to own.

I'm not going to even pretend I know everything about this Batmobile. For instance, what the heck is that thing that pops out of the hood? A boom box or a missile launcher.

If I were still a kid I would pretend it was all sorts of things, a sound device for surveillance, a laser cutter, a stereo system you name it.

This was one of the last few of the Corgi's I picked up, they were starting to get scarce around these parts and when you found them you picked them up. One of the coolest lines of Batmobile produced, there are several of the last releases I never saw in stores. This little guy is a a free wheeler measuring about 4 inches.


Bubbashelby said...

This Corgi Bat series will go down in toy collecting history as one of the finest sets of die cast toys ever. The toys were excellent, the details were top notch, and the variety in the series was astounding. Mattel's current bat offerings pale in comparison, which really only has the weight of the Barris mobile behind it.

And if I'm not mistaken that's a missile launcher. :)

Brian B said...

I still see a few of these at CVS and Walgreens.
Not your usual toy hangout but they seem to get some awesome leftovers.

Brian A said...

I remember these getting scarce, too. There were stacks and stacks of them at Walmart. Which lures you into a false sense of security... "I can pick these up anytime I like. How could they ever run out?"

Only when they started running out, did I realize how cool and well-done they were. I got quite a few of them but, like you said, I didn't even see many of the last ones on the shelf.

I kind of wish I had been paying attention and had picked up a more complete set. They were a great value, too. Weren't they only about $5 a piece? Much cheaper and better made than the current crop of Hot Wheels Batmobiles at this size.