Monday, November 23, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day One, Mego Batmobile

I could have easily filled this week with the 1989 Batmobile or only Batmobiles that action figures would fit in, but where would the fun be in that, so I thought I would select five that represent different parts of the collection and different scales. Some may have memories attached to them, others were picked up because they were Batmobiles, all are among my favorites. I hope you all enjoy the selections, let Batmobile Week begin!

Up first is my Mego Batmobile. I wish I could say this was my childhood Batmobile, that honor falls to another which can be seen here and here. Nope, I didn't have this a s a kid. I had plenty of other toys, so picking this up on ebay was pretty much because my Mego Batman needed a ride.

It does bring back some good memories of my friends and I playing with our Megos, one friend in particular had Batman and Robin, plus the Batmobile and the Batcycle. He would let me use the Batcycle for my Spider-Man and Captain America, we didn't care if they were from separate comics, it was all good in the Superhero neighborhood.

This little vintage Batmobile is about 12 inches in length, maybe a hair longer and has some pretty cool details, I especially love the Bat Symbol on the wheels. I should look into some Bat Hub Caps for the Jeep! It can seat two 8 inch to 9 inch figures and is free wheeling, meaning no power here you have to push it.

Until I find a nice Mego Robin, nice meaning a decent price, this guy has been displayed with the Mego Joker taking Batman for a ride and my Hasbro Batman and Robin. When it came in the mail it was dusty and had a few scratches, but you could tell some kid thoroughly enjoyed this toy. I often wonder if he misses it, I know I would.


Brian B said...

If you find Bat-rims for a Jeep let me know!

I would like to have this one some day but for now I only have one Mego Bat-vehicle.

LEon said...

The lighting of the photography suit well. Red and green. Very Gothic. You did that on purpose?

chunky B said...

Oh yeah I did that on purpose, plus I had to use green I couldn't find my blue bulb...

Brian A said...

How did I miss the first day of Batmobile Week?!!!

Cool batmobile!! Mine has a mold defect on the front grill that I assumed was on all of them. Yours doesn't.

Drat! :)