Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Two, Art Asylum C3 Batmobile

"Holy Do It Yourself, Batman!" Before Lego graced us with what would be the most awesome assortment of construction toy Bat Vehicles in history, Art Asylum launched the C3 line with an assortment of Bat items that were pretty amazing in itself.

Art Asylum had been pretty successful with their Marvel Minimates, but decided to launch the C3 line with their new DC Comics license, featuring characters from the Batman Comics, the Justice League and the Batman Cartoons. I really liked the C3 line and was sad to see it pass away, I think Art Asylum had a few things working against it with this line, but the things it had going for it were awesome for the time.

This Batmobile was a two seater, which always made me wonder why Batman and Robin came with the C3 single seat, mini Batmobile. his feature alone made it pretty cool, it is all too common that when you buy a Batmobile for your action figures, it's only going to seat one figure, there are a few rare occasions, but for the most part Robin is walking.

Under the smoke, clear hood of the Batmobile. All sorts of play scenarios here. Small engine though.

Turbines to full! This little feature was cool. Not only did it simulate flames from the exhaust, but could then swing and rotate over the canopy to become a missile launcher. The missiles shoot pretty good too.

"Ptew! Ptew!"

I liked that not only did they have the opening hood and cockpit, plus the missile launcher, but they incorporated the wheel weapons on all four wheels, so you could tear up the tires of the villains you were chasing.

You could also swing out the sideboards to knock some bad guys down. I think if a Batmobile is blazing towards you at full speed this last little trick would cause some pain.

This Batmobile is around 9 inches long and comes with a little Minimate Batman. Since I love Legos and Minimates, this was a win, win for me. Plus it's a fairly cool Batmobile on its own.

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Brian A said...

"Ptew! Ptew!"

Man, I know exactly what that sound is!

I can hear it in the "down" position....

"Krrrrrooooooorrrr!" (throat clearing sound)

I missed out on all these Lego and Lego-ish mobiles. Cool to see one in action.