Monday, December 7, 2009

Heeeeeeeres Mola!

If you are seeing Mola Ram here it means it didn't snow in San Antonio (or at least enough to look like Hoth), which means the hour I spent digging out my Snowtroopers, AT-AT and Wampa were for nothing. Maybe next year : (

That's okay I'll talk some about my good buddy Mola. When Hasbro released the new Indiana Jones product for the fourth movie I went whole hog trying to find all the single pack figures, to date I never found any from the Temple of Doom set and a couple from the Last Crusade set. So when I saw the Mighty Mugg of ole' Mola Ram here hit the clearance aisle I thought why not. He stayed in his box for a couple of days until I got around to freeing him and true to Mighty Mugg form grew to be one of my favorites.

If you have read my thoughts on Mighty Muggs you know what I'm talking about here, if not, in a nut shell, the goofier the expression the better the Mighty Mugg. Who couldn't love this face? He doesn't look scary at all like in the movie, matter of fact he looks a little excited to see you.

Bonus, Mola's headpiece is removable which means anyone in the Mugg Universe can be a high priest! He even has a little flaming heart accessory so you can recreate all the heart ripping action in your own backyard!

Kali Ma, Kali Ma!!!

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